Birds of the Pyrenees

Birds that inhabit the Spanish Pyrenees.

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Male and female Capercaillie

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Franck Renard
  • Photographer: Franck Renard
  • About: Franck Renard is an amateurish photographer living in Belgium. Forest guard in in the Ardennes Belgians, he photographs especially the fauna and the landscapes of his region. But the European birds are also among his favourite subjects. Franck published 5 books and publishes regularly in the French-speaking magazines.
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Birds of the Pyrenees was created on February 14, 2011.
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2 Responses to Birds of the Pyrenees

  1. This bird is also on the french side, up in the mountains of the valle d aspe..

  2. This amazing bird is also here in the valle d aspe

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