Lammergeiers in the Pyrenees

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Immature Lammergeier in flight

Photo Details

  • Photographer: Jorgen
  • About: I grew up with birding and have been into photography since 2005. This is now a “full time” hobby which I love. I do a lot of bird photography on the island of Gotland, Sweden but like to travel as well. The photo trip to Catalonia, Spain is one of the most exciting I have done thanks to how well everything was administrated by BirdingInSpain.
  • Taken at: Pyrenees
  • Photographer's Website:

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Lammergeiers in the Pyrenees was created on January 10, 2011.
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3 Responses to Lammergeiers in the Pyrenees

  1. Absolutely amazing photo of a absolutely wonderful bird!

  2. A great experience and thoroughly recommended for anyone who’d like close photos of Lammergeier, Black and Griffon Vultures. Red Fox was a lovely bonus!

  3. Bernie Stewart

    Incredible photos of an incredible bird. Well done

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